The Innovation Process Explained

1 – Enter your contact details via our website. Once your account is activated, you can proceed to step 2. If you need help contact your Innovation Scout or NHS Innovations North.


2 – Complete the online submission form for your idea. Answer as many questions as possible with help from your Innovation Scout. If you do not know who your Innovation Scout is contact NHS Innovations North and we will put you in touch. Once your idea has been submitted, you will be assigned a NHS Innovations North Case Manager who may contact you for further information about your idea.



3 –Your Case Manager will undertake an initial review of your idea. The Gate 1 report will summarise the unmet need, existing products or services and the potential benefits of your idea.



4 – You, your organisation’s Innovation Team and your Innovation Scout can use the Gate 1 Report to discuss your idea and decide how to progress.




5 – If your organisation decides to proceed, NHS Innovations North will undertake a detailed assessment of your idea including: patent and product search, literature review, regulation and guideline search, intellectual property assessment, epidemiology and impact review and potential funders/collaborators search. We will also undertake anonymised peer review of your idea with experts outside your organisation.




6 – NHS Innovations North will provide your organisation with a Gate 2 Report detailing our findings and recommendations. It is the responsibility of your organisation to decide whether and how to progress your idea.




7 – NHS Innovations North will highlight your ideas to partners in the AHSN, Innovation Pathway partners or Industry contacts. The network can provide support for developing innovative services, sharing best practice or commercialising novel products.




This is a very interactive process and we will keep in close contact with you throughout to tailor our service to your needs. You can contact your NHS Innovations Case Manager at any time on:
Tel:       0191 5164400